Summer style at the pier with Jenny

I'm often impressed by bloggers who are serious about their craft.  They research to stay on top of trends, prep for photoshoots and bring their energy to the photo sessions, create blog content, and publish across various blog and social media platforms.

I try to make the bloggers' lives easier by matching their intensity to create high-quality images and by anticipating their needs.  For example, I try to ease their workflow by providing images in a variety of crops for the different social media channels.  The images are usually given in their original dimensions, as well as 1:1 (optimized for Instagram) and 16:9 (optimized for Snapchat and IG Stories).

Following a photo session with travel and style blogger Jenny, I sent her the photos in the various crop sizes.  Afterwards, I also had fun taking the 16:9 images and posting them in my own Instagram stories.

Visit from Chicago blogger Zainub

If I weren’t a photographer, friends say that I should have been a tour guide.  I love showing people around and telling the history behind sites.  So when bloggers from other locations come visit San Francisco and reach out to do a photo session, I am excited to lend my local knowledge.  Whether it’s getting the best vantage point of popular attractions or photographing in spots known only to the locals, I’m happy to strategize.  We work together to determine which locations will best fit the blogger’s vision and travel schedule.

Check out a few photos from a session with visiting Chicago blogger Zainub, which we shot in downtown San Francisco.

Remember film?

When I first studied photography back in high school, I spent many hours developing film in the darkroom.  I remember my teacher scoffing at digital photography, saying that there was no future in it.

Fastforward to now, when most of my work is shooting in digital.

I do play around with film from time to time.  There are pros and cons to the format, and working with it is an interesting challenge.  This shot was taken with a Mamiya 645.